The Difference Between Men's And Women's Skin

                We all know that, anatomically, there are big differences between men and women. Also, Men are supposed to be the gatherers while women are the nurturers, women need to be pursued and men like to pursue, and so on. There are obviously many differences in personality and looks, amongst other things, but how about their skin? What are the differences between a woman’s skin and a man’s skin and what are the proper facial cleansers for each?

                There are a few obvious differences that we can just get out of the way, like the fact that men grown facial hair everywhere and women do not. These differences would not help you in a quest to find the best facial cleanser for you and your skin type…or would they?

                First off all, the hair follicles on our face do have something to do with our skins texture and how we receive the ingredients from our facial cleansers and moisturizers. So, in theory, the fact that men grow hair all over their face and women do not will have an effect on the way our follicles produce oil. The sebaceous glands are the correct term to describe these follicles and on men, possibly due to the fact that they grow hair in more glands than women, these glands are much smaller and do not absorb as quickly as women’s glands do. So for a man, the best facial cleansers would include ingredients that are a little bit more intense than a women’s facial cleanser would.

                Also, another difference that we are all aware of between the genders is the fact that men’s skin has a tougher quality than women’s skin does. This is a huge reason why women seem to age faster than men do. You know the saying of how when a man ages he becomes better looking and for women the reverse seems to be true. The reason for this can be due to the fact stated above about men having tougher skin and how does this come into play? The damaging effects of the sun and environmental pollutants are exactly why. Since a man’s skin is of a harder texture, the UV rays and pollutants will not do half as much damage as they would to a woman. So, we as women wrinkle faster and produce looser skin quicker. For this reason, the best facial cleanser for women would be something that contains anti aging and sun damage properties that can help our skin become as tough as a man. Men will eventually need to contain these types of ingredients in their facial cleansers and other products but not as quickly as women’s facial cleansers and skin care products.

                Another interesting fact about the difference between men and women in the form of skin types is that men’s skin is naturally dirtier than women’s. This is due to the fact that their sebaceous glands, although smaller, are more active producing oil more frequently then women’s skin as well as the fact that men shave on a daily basis. So another factor men should look for in the best facial cleanser available to take care of your face is one that has a deep cleansing quality. These deep cleansing qualities can come in the form of exfoliate or deep pore cleansers that get deep in to the pores, clearing out any unnecessary dirt and bacteria. Women’s facial cleanser on the other hand should be a little more gentle than this, containing exfoliate is okay but only if they are of a very gentle form. Our skin as women is a lot more sensitive than men’s so we will react adversely to a hard acting exfoliate. Ingredients like Tangerine Oil or Glycolic Acid are examples of some of the best facial cleanser ingredients for women due to their gentle nature we talked about above.

                Do not get me wrong, their do not have to be complete separate facial cleansers and other skin care products for men and women but it is advised. Men can still use a ladies skin care line but, and her is the unfair part, we as women will normally get irritated by a line designed for men. Also, due to all the factors of men versus women’s skin that we talked about above, men obviously are going to need a little bit more of a harsher edge to the facial cleanser ingredients to fully cleanse their face the way they want. So I guess in the facial cleanser and moisturizer industry men and women are not created completely equal but, in all honesty, this is something that the feminist in me is not quite concerned with.

Fiona Ross -
About the Author:
Fiona Ross is a consumerist specializing in the skin care industry. She has always been interested in the ways our skin reacts to certain conditions and issues you may incur. Be it from sun damage or the dreaded acne and the scars you may receive; she is always on the look to offer advice on the best facial cleanser or the best sun damage treatments that are out in the market right now.

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